Playfinity - Flex Band "Erwachsene"

Flexband for Smart Sensor - NB! Smart sensor is available separately.

Place the smart sensor in the soft flex band silicone band and fasten the band around the ankle. Now the Smart Console is ready to measure your movements while playing.

Our first experience with Smart Console + Flex Band is SmartTrampoline. There, the smart console attached to the leg measures how high you jump, how much you turn, how long you fly, how many jumps you make. The games offer points and fun sound effects depending on what you do on the trampoline.

The Flexband is designed so that the smart console can only be installed one way. This ensures that the smart console is always correctly placed on the body and provides the game with correct information.

With the Flex Band, you can also put the smart console on your hand. What can you measure then? Wait and see.

Smart + Band = SmartBand ™ - Why should only children have fun?

Flex Band Adult

Size: 160-300 mm - adult size

Weight: 20 grams

Material: silicone

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