Basisches Wasserkonzentrat "BK"

Basic water concentrate for deacidification & detoxification

DB Sports Basic Water Concentrate (BK)

Basic water concentrate from Diego Benaglio Sports - for an optimal acid-base balance

The ratio of acids to bases is of the utmost importance for the functions of all metabolic processes in the organism. For a normal metabolism a balance between acids and bases and therefore a certain pH value is necessary. Prolonged disturbances in this system mostly lead to overacidification (acidosis). A healthy organism is able to buffer a temporary excess of acid. If these "buffers" are not available (e.g. due to improper nutrition, stress, lack of exercise, etc.), the body takes these reserves from the organs. Even calcium can be released from the bone, which in turn can be responsible for osteoporosis (fragility of the bone). If the ability declines, a long-lasting overacidification favors the development of an acute or chronic inflammation readiness, which in turn wears out the immune system. This chain reaction causes chronic diseases. As a result, base supplements support the body in its own existence and duty to regulate the pH in the blood - otherwise we would not be viable. At the same time, it also means that we can prevent the risk of inflammation and disease. In contrast to conventional base products in powder or tablet form, the basic water concentrate (BK) is cell-permeable and therefore does not have to be metabolized in the body (which in turn produces acids).

Helps for:

Better regeneration

Better and more restful sleep

Deacidification & detoxification

Performance increase in sports

Disposes of pollutants from cells and connective tissue

Helps against:


Acidification & Heartburn


Chronic pain

Cellulite & wrinkles

The basic water concentrate of DB Sports AG was co-developed by Diego Benaglio and is characterized by its ability to pass through cells and its high pH (12.5). Due to the cell-permeable structure, it can be used for a direct and precise increase in performance in training and competition and works immediately.

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