Push Sports Patellabandage

FOR SPORTSMEN, FROM SPECIALISTS- The Push Sports line was developed by experienced specialists in close cooperation with athletes and professional athletes and tailored precisely to the wishes of the consumer.

A FREE FEEL- freedom of movement in sports is an important condition. On the one hand, this is achieved by supporting the injured joint in movements prone to injury.

A SAFE FEELING - The use of anti-slip material keeps the bandage in place, even when exercising.

WELL VENTILATED - The use of breathable material ensures that the bandage breathes and does not feel sweaty.

The Push Sports patella bandage exerts pressure on the patellar tendon with its polymer pad sight and thus has an analgesic effect. The pressure can be adjusted with the elastic band craft and depending on the type of administration. Thus, the Push Sports patella bandage must have the hamstring and give it the future calm in case of overloading complaints such as the "knight's knee".

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