Hydroliq Professional Flächendesinfektion (1 Liter)

EFFECTIVE - Eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi, germs and spores reliably within a few seconds thanks to a redox value of +750 mV (water approx. + 300mV)

NON-TOXIC - classified and approved for humans, animals and the environment, as well as PT2 and PT4, because it is a specially stabilized active chlorine solution made from table salt

PLEASANT - Dermatologically tested and found to be "VERY GOOD" completely harmless during use, since no toxic decay products or residues are created

PRACTICAL - Can be used on all surfaces or materials. The treated surfaces can be used as usual immediately after application

ECOLOGICAL - It does not leave any harmful residues and the decay products are integrated into the natural cycle in a first-class manner

In contrast to conventional room or surface disinfectants, HYDROLIQ PROFESSIONAL is completely harmless during use, since it does not produce any toxic decay products or residues. The treated areas and rooms can be used as usual immediately after use. "

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